Twin Rocks Bluff, Utah History

In the fall of 1879 a group of Mormon pioneers assembled their wagons to begin what would ultimately become known as the Hole-In-The-Rock Expedition. Their epic journey would take them through some of the most desolate and difficult terrain in the world. The trek, which was originally planned for six weeks, lasted six months. Although their intended destination was 20 miles further east, after scaling the torturous San Juan Hill, the exhausted expedition halted in the adjacent river valley and founded the community of Bluff under the Twin Rocks aka Navajo Twins.

Mormon Pioneer Wagon Bluff, UtahgonBluff< Utah History

Mormon Pioneer Wagon Bluff, Utah

One hundred ten years later, in the fall of 1989, Duke and Rose Simpson assembled their children and opened the doors to Twin Rocks Trading Post. Five years later, the business expanded to include Twin Rocks Cafe. Today, Twin Rocks Cafe has grown into a full service family-style restaurant featuring an expansive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. We are proud to serve many local favorites, including Navajo Tacos, Beef Stew and Fry Bread, Sheepherder Sandwiches and our very own Navajo Pizza. We also have steak, tasty vegetarian selections, delicious homemade soups and salads and a nice selection of micro brew beer. All our selections are freshly prepared, using the finest ingredients.

Having grown up during the Great Depression when grub was in short supply, Duke is fond of good food, and lots of it. After more than 15 years, and an epic culinary journey of our own, we are proud to have Duke’s seal of approval. As Duke says, “If you go away from Twin Rocks hungry, it’s your own fault.” So come see us at the Twin Rocks Cafe, sit on the porch, satisfy your hunger with excellent food, quench your thirst and enjoy the beautiful sandstone bluffs from which this town on the banks of the San Juan River takes its name. Make a to last a lifetime.