Twin Rocks Cafe Reviews

"We've eaten at Twin Rocks Cafe on three separate trips to the area.
It is always a great place to eat!”

"We have enjoyed all our meals at the Twin Rocks Cafe. We ate every meal there while in Bluff, Utah. We did not have a bad meal. Everything was great. We will definitely eat there again."

"After a beautiful day on the San Juan river, we had a great view with great stew at Twin Rocks! Our favorite place in U.S.A. kidding!"

"I can't rate The Twin Rocks Cafe high enough. 300% isn't good enough!"

"We absolutely Love the food, the atmosphere, the people, and the things in the Gift Shop. Just go there and enjoy the experience for yourself."

"The Twin Rocks Cafe lies in the heart of the best of the Southwest's most beautiful country!"

"We are absolutely hooked on Twin Rocks and Bluff, Utah!"

"Try the Twin Rocks Cafe Navajo Pizza. It's the best!"

"Twin Rocks rocks! We enjoyed a sunset dinner after touring Monument Valley and Valley of the Gods. They have a large menu with numerous choices for almost anyone. We ended up eating a tasty vegetarian pizza that was prepared on an Indian Frybread crust - very delicious!"

"While eating our breakfast we watched the humming birds flying around the special feeders they have built for them, it made a very attractive sight. Great place to eat. Great views. Don't miss it!"