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From our friends on TripAdvisor

"We ABSOLUTELY loved this place. The food was excellent and the people inside were just perfect. Thanks for this really good moment. I will recommend again and again."

“I know most people don’t read everything, but I have to say there is still kindness in this world. We were at the Twin Rocks Cafe in Bluff, Utah today. They have amazing food, the staff is amazing and compassionate. A man came in that was dirty and he told them he was homeless, hungry but had no money could they help him. They sat him down at a table and brought plates of food and bread. They kept his glass full and kept checking on him. Their kindness and compassion for him was overwhelming. There are still kind people in this world.”

“We came upon this café returning from a detour to Four Corners, and what a hidden gem! We tried the chicken fried chicken, classic burger and Navajo taco and for desert we tried the peach cobbler. All were fantastic! The star of the show was the chicken fried chicken, which has a very light crispy fried breading and the gravy was delicious. Mmmm, so tasty! The peach cobbler was incredible as well. The service was friendly and attentive. We enjoyed our lunch and can’t wait to come back when we’re in the area again. We really can’t say enough about how pleasantly surprised we were to find such tasty food in this area.”

“We have passed right by the Twin Rocks Cafe on our way from Arizona to Colorado more than a dozen times and I wish I had stopped here from the first. What a treasure this place is. Thought we would give it a try and stopped for lunch last week. The true star-earner for me was the food – just amazing. I had the Navajo sheepherder’s sandwich on hot fresh fry bread with fries and a cold beer. I highly recommend it. The sandwich is awesome and quite large too – you may want to split it with a travel companion. Definitely not your typical tourist stop. You will want to mark this one on your Google map. It’s a great travel stop.”

“I am not exaggerating, this was the best food that we had on our entire trip. We drove from Denver to LA and back. My daughters and my wife all agreed that this was the best lunch we had anywhere along the way. Do yourself a favor and try their fry bread. It is absolutely phenomenal. It goes with anything on the menu in my opinion. Also, the service was absolutely first-rate. My daughter accidently spilled her Root Beer soda and within seconds they were cleaning It up and offering us a new soda. I can’t recommend this restaurant more highly. If you are driving through you would be an absolute fool to not stop here and grab something to eat. Best food and best service within 200 miles.”

“I've been coming here off and on the last 25 years. The food has really gotten better and better. The lemon chicken on a bed of asparagus and mushrooms was fantastic. Twin Rocks Cafe has the patio for eating, drinking, and watching the clouds pass by.”

“Best "Bluffalo" bites ever. We asked our waitress if they sell the sauce and she had the chef personally write out the recipe for us. Turns out she used to be an executive chef somewhere else. Their pie (some triple berry forest name) was amazing. Waitress (can't remember name) was very gracious and super helpful.”

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